make noise

emit a noise (Freq. 2)
Syn: ↑resound, ↑noise
Derivationally related forms: ↑noise (for: ↑noise), ↑resonant (for: ↑resound)
Hypernyms: ↑sound, ↑go
sizzle, ↑roar, ↑howl, ↑sough, ↑purl, ↑honk, ↑claxon, ↑hum, ↑crunch, ↑scranch, ↑scraunch, ↑crackle, ↑whine, ↑squeak, ↑screech, ↑creak, ↑screak, ↑skreak, ↑racket, ↑clatter, ↑clack, ↑brattle, ↑stridulate, ↑clitter, ↑drown out, ↑jingle, ↑jingle-jangle, ↑jangle, ↑scream, ↑backfire, ↑ring out, ↑blast, ↑blare
Verb Frames:

Something ——s


Somebody ——s

* * *

make noise
1 : to talk about something
— often used to suggest that the things being said are not sincere or effective

Congress has been making (a lot of) noise about lowering taxes, but no one expects it to happen.

2 : to complain about something

People have been making (a lot of) noise about the price increases.

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